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Logo Design Guidelines!

Keep it simple! A simple logo is usually the mark of a great logo. It should be easy to read and scalable without loosing impact.
A complicated logo might look great as a big sign, but will it work on a business card?

Typography is critical! Always use a typeface that is legible and accessible on most computer systems.

Will your new logo pass the black & white test? Think about how your new logo will work on company checks, newspaper ads, phone book, photocopied documents, and fax transmissions.

Remember that each color adds to printing costs. You never know how you might want to use your logo...Stationery, Coffee Mug, Baseball Cap, Outdoor Sign, T-Shirt and many others. Ask for all colors to be specified using The Pantone Matching System (PMS color) and Four Color Process. This will maintain consistency throughout all your printed materials.

Think about a tagline for your company. A short position statement can often remind a customer of what your business is.

Computer file formats are important. Be sure that your logo is designed using a vector based application (Adobe Illustrator). This will allow scaling to any size without loosing resolution and sharpness. Bitmap formats can always be created from vector files.

Continuity is key to good communication. Business style and identity should be consistant in all areas of your company's marketing and communication.

Don't design by committee! Take the time to study your competitors identity and other logos that you really like. Often, designing by committee will lead to indecision and a hybrid that does not work. If you like your designer's previous work, trust him or her to solve the problem. The more informed your designer is, the better the logo will be.

Finally, professional logo design at a reasonable price. Just take a look at my Samples of recent logo design. If you need a logo, product branding, trademark or corporate identity for your business that is dynamic and communicates the image you are looking for, you have come to the right place. In just 3 business days you could have the logo you have been searching for from 72 Hour Logo... See Pricing! Ask about my other graphic design, advertising and marketing services for your business located in Arlington, Texas 76017.
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