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Your business card cost you about 3¢ each. It is by far the cheapest form of advertising you can use every day. Always carry some with you and keep a reserve of 50 or more in your car at all times.

It introduces you to potential clients. It makes you a real business. Your business card puts it in writing.

Keep It Simple Stupid (KISS). A fast read is very important. Your name and phone number should stand out. Your address, fax number, website and perhaps a tagline are next in importance. Anything else should go on the back of the card. This is a very little used area of a business card. It could be used for many things, details about your business or a special offer. Consider having a rubber stamp made. This is a cheap way to print on the back and change your message often. You could also use Avery labels printed from your computer.

Now that you have this box of 1000 cards, don’t let them gather dust. You never know who might respond to finding one of them. You should give one to every person you meet during the day. Someday someone will call you based solely on a card you gave to someone else. Also leave them everywhere you go…

1. on bulletin boards in stores and restaurants.
2. on the counter of ATM machines
3. on the shelf of a public telephone
4. inside the magazine you were reading at the doctor’s office
5. at the train station or airport while you are waiting

Make it a habbit to leave behind 10 cards everyday and watch new business come your way.